Maha Kumbh Mela, Ascetics with Cameras: mission # 1 – promo video

Maha Kumbh Mela, Ascetics with Cameras: mission # 1 - promo video

Most (travel) photographers who venture to the Kumbh Mela, India or any where foreign to them in general, tend to photograph anonymously. That is, it’s quite the norm to take pictures of people with out knowing who they are, much less actually consider what's in it for the subject. Furthermore few photographers make considerable effort to give a copy of the image to their subject. Something very important to Ascetics with Cameras mission is ensuring the ascetics receive the photos they pose for. “In a way I’ve also acted as somewhat like a liaison between Juna Akhara and others with cameras. I make sure to give them my card with email so they can email me the photos and I can print it for them, trying to explain to them how important it is for them, at least they can get something out of it. I have begun to see more and more photographers giving their photos back to their subjects. I certainly hope this trend picks up.” – founder / director, Nicole Jaquis Ascetics with Cameras (free of cost to the receiver) gives prints to the ascetics photographed (by a various photographers using digital cameras), during the Kumbh Mela and thereafter. Your monetary donation makes this possible: • donations can be safely made via paypal This is a project I started at the 2004 Kumbh Mela (largest gathering in the history of the world) in Ujjain, and has been on going ever since. This will be the 4th Kumbh Mela where I will be conducting all aspects of multimedia seva for Juna Akhara (the oldest and largest order of male & female naga sanyasis). - mission #1 - giving away as many photos as possible Your support is greatly appreciated. monetary donations will pay for paper, ink, film developing and other printing costs. please and thank you om namo narayan Nicole Jaquis