$25 = 1150rs = approximately 165 photographs I can giveaway to the ascetics with cameras photographers = your donation = priceless!


Maha Kumbh Mela Ascetics with Cameras: mission # 1 – promo video from relativelyLocal on Vimeo.

All AWC Projects & Programs are free of charge to its participants. However it costs us money to make it all happen.
This project would not be possible without the support of people like you!

There are several ways you can contribute your support to this endeavor:
• in kind equipment donations can be sent directly to the following address:

Ascetics with Cameras c/o Nicole Jaquis
Mahakaleshwar Seva Sadan
Ek Mukhiya Gali, Bhupatwala
Haridwar, Uttarakhand

• in kind tax-deductible equipment donations can be purchased via Ascetic with Cameras’ wish list registry on Amazon
direct or tax-deductible monetary donations can be safely made via paypal

Your monetary donations will go towards the following:
• camera purchases (both HDvideo and digital still cameras, memory cards, batteries, chargers, etc)
• printing (all photography participants receive copies of all their images in at least 4×6 format work-prints, sometimes larger for really excellent photos)
• travel & living expenses (most of the participants – beyond time frame of the Kumbh Mela – live spread out across the country)
• post production (editing photos / videos, posting to website, creating DVDs, etc.)
• outreach (screenings, exhibits, speaking engagements, etc.)
• dakshina (donations to various members of Juna Akhara and ashrams who have participated in and/or otherwise supported this program, ie. given me food/shelter while I work)

– Donations of $10 or more adds your name to the list of donors on our website.
– Donations of $25 or more gets you the above + a set of 3, 5×7 promotional prints.
– Donations of $50 or more gets you the above + one 8×10 photo shot by an ascetic.
– Donations of $100 or more gets you the above + one 24×16 photo shot by an ascetic.
– Donations of $500 or more gets you the above + DVD subscription to the video series.
– Donations of $1000 or more gets you the above + a signed copy of the Ascetics with Cameras coffee table book.

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All donations can be tax deductible, via Projectile Arts.
Projectile Arts is a non-profit (501c3) organization dedicated to fostering dialogue between different cultures and communities through the arts, with an emphasis on experience rather than analysis. Productions focus on education through entertainment and creative expression, using art as a tool for communication and understanding in a variety of media. We collaborate with promising young artists and producers, often immersing them in unfamiliar worlds where they can gain new inspiration for their work and interact directly in the environment to share their experiences through their respective disciplines.

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